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Finding Our New Kick-Ass Drummer

Thursday, September 2nd | 12:00 AM



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What's a ColdStatic?

About Us
- Danny Devolver

Our story

Once upon an age, as the rock gods withered, a last desperate call went out across the land. Like a whisper came the words, but they rang as a mighty bell in the ears of four redoubtable heros.

B. Alex Pope - master of aural origami
Emilee Wormwood - the voracious vocal vixen
Kyle Stephenson - beaver's bane
and Brian Johnson - the low-comotive

They assembled one fated eve, locked eyes, and at once knew their purpose. They would shepherd rock once again unto the ears of the people, and quench the thirsty souls with the coldest of static.

What people are saying

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    "It's like rockin love in your earholes... Super good times!"Amber Thunder-Eagle#1 Fan

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    "Rock and roll with the cool throwback style of the early days of Joplin and Stones. Their energy and love to perform is a joy to see. As a booker, I have found them very easy to work with, always on time and professional and always a crowd favorite."Brenda TiptonBestBet Live Music Entertainment

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    "Hello, my name is Scott and I'm a ColdStatic addict, a Staddict, if you will. My friends said I wouldn't get addicted after only one show. What a fool I was to listen. My life has been on an upward trajectory ever since. I'm not used to all this happiness! I know I'm going to go see them again and when I do, I won't want them to stop playing. Please help!"Scott SimpsonDog Lord

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    "The energy you guys bring, mixed with the talent, makes the whole thing come together."Hawthorne Joecool dude

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    I f*cking love this band. They are the best band ever. Period.Open Mic Host

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    "ColdStatic Coldly goes where no Static dares to follow. Well produced, hard rock in the classic northwest style. Great rocking band with a powerful full throated vocalist in Emilee Wood."Mark WheatonCatasonic Studios

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    "Every band needs a great drummer, and they have that... But you also have to have the spirit, and that's her!"Shelbidrunk girl at a show

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    "Better than Lifehouse."Jeanette Martinezsaw us 'open' for Lifehouse

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    "One of the best bets for straight rock 'n' roll."Matthew DenisThe Register Guard

ColdStatic by the numbers

  • 2016 the band got together
  • 6.5 demons slain
  • 1 albums (so far...)
  • 836 sandwiches eaten
  • 7935 good vibes sent
  • 13 Nuns defrocked
  • 10 out of ten
  • 1301 faces melted
  • 2042 hall of fame induction
  • 2 nipples each
  • 1234 counting
  • 3000 MST__
  • 4 fates intertwined
  • 1520 beers consumed
  • 85 guitar strings broken
  • 50 miles between us

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